Marion Davies (Marion Douras), born: 1897

as Marion Cecilia Van De Vries


Marion Cecilia Van De Vries

Georg W Lederer (link) born:  1862 (bore at age 35 Marion) …. officially

The Sin Women, same actress, directed by .. HERSELF

see… R.H. was an addict. He spend his money as he wished RECOGNITION. He was in need of fame and DUST to him: all he ever wished is to be PRESUMPTUOUS. He offered nothing in return, yet wished IN SOCIAL EVENTS the Partnership of his MUSE: Cecilia, the Goddess of Music, Beauty and Song. Marion had plenty of time and nothing to do but

Play Mozart Play 

a room, a camera, art&craft, creativity: over-imposed picture frames (negative) WHILE PROJECTING them onto the wall. A old PAINTERS method: to project FOTOS onto the WALL to then

copy the image with the BRUSH .

Yet a PORTFOLIO had to be ESTABLISHED for the next step. No one ever DOCUMENTED anything until… HOLLYWOOD appeared. (Erscheint). Er-HE 

No women was ever CONSIDERED to act and NEVER EVER DIRECT!

No women was ever TAKEN SERIOUSLY and was UN ALLOWED to be in POLITICS. Only intimacy in advisory IF… the men would listen. No husband listened to his WIFE. No lover wished to listen to his concubine, unless:

she was unachievable!

Reminder: when did ADAM became KING? and did EVA his wife ever became Princess? Once the kingdom was established, who brought in the FirST (Fürst Ger. “Prince” or “Nobel” descendent from the ONE KING one never listened to: )

LIFE UNIFICATION (Vishnu) is a concept. (Christ) is a concept.

EVIL ENEMIES (Menes) is a person. (Jesus) is a person.

AVATAR ( is a concept in a person and a person with PRINCIPLES!)


GOD’s WORTH and ACHIEVEMENT: to build People with Principles! Evil achievement: to crush people with absurd “principles” and no follow up but one: MONEY. USAGE. Cigar-Box-Marionnette (Titere, Puppet, Robot, Follower, Obeyer, Kick-lick dependency to order, rules and regulations to gain a place in a RESTRICTED world of GOOD-VS-EVIL, justificating himself with the JURISDICTIONAL system and HANDS-ON downsizing even the innocent (Sacco&Vancetti) into Jail or Prison (why is there 2?) – lets say it RAP

I am cool

you are not.


I am rich

you are my bitch


I aint’ the dough

you are my ho


Lick on me

never Pick on me


I kick you in the ass

I am 



evil mammiferous devilous oblivious fart!